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Stephen Kelman
200 Bath Street
Glasgow G2 4HG

Call +44 (0)141 465 9010
or email via the form above.

Start-up business?
Arrange a phone call to discuss how we can bring your idea to life. I can consult on funding, branding, digital and print design as well as the necessary research and strategy required to give your business a strong foundation.

Established business or brand?
If you have an existing business or brand, and are looking to build on your communications, or have a complete rethink, I would be happy to chat over and recommend a path forward. I can provide comprehensive quotations with quick turnaround – giving you peace-of-mind when preparing quotes for comparison.

Agency or creative professional?
If you have a potential project or collaboration in mind (NDAs are okay) get in touch. I'm always up for saying hello to people from around the world. You can also connect with me at Instagram and Behance.

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