Lighting element of Terrazzo Light product

Andreozzi Wright
Terrazzo Light

Andreozzi Wright combine terrazzo with innovative lighting to create products and installations for domestic and commercial environments. They engaged Rair to develop a brand identity, with project scope including naming and strategy.

Initial discussions identified contrast as a core theme running through Andreozzi Wright’s work – mechanical, modernist, heavy and individual, colourful, light. A largely black and white palette was required to reflect this contrast and provide the right frame for Andreozzi Wright’s distinctive use of colour.​​​​​​​

Andreozzi Wright logo roundel
Terrazzo light animation
Terrazzo light brochure and document layouts
Andreozzi Wright product
Adreozzi Wright roundel construction animation
Andreozzi Wright product development
Andreozzi Wright Stationery
Andreozzi Wright Business Cards
Close-up of Andreozzi Wright business cards
Close-up of terrazzo light product
Terrazzo light grid system
Terrazzo light guidelines
Terrazzo light guidelines
Close up of wooden base of Terrazzo Light product
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