cam kids brandmark
Putting a smile at the heart of after school care.

cam kids is an after school care service in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute. A small business with a big heart, cam kids were looking to consolidate their position as Bute's trusted after school care provider. 

We created a new brandmark – a smiling heart – based on a c / a / m monogram that was clearly identifiable while allowing us to create a visual language evocative of play and imagination.
cam kids brandmark on white
cam kids brandmark geometry
cam kids brand assets 1
cam kids brand assets 2
The strength of the brandmark comes from its simplicity. We loved the process of creating a shape that was fun – one that could be easily replicated by children. Our tweaked primary colour palette and use of Cooper Light with lower contrasting application means we can turn the identity towards a junior or adult audience with ease
cam kids iPhone screen
cam kids balloons
cam kids stationery
cam kids colouring set
cam kids screenprint
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